11.03.2018 Ethan

The way we work at jakescornerthemovie.com

We are thrilled to offer the high-quality writing service, unparalleled to others. This is possible due to paying attention to the details while simultaneously following the strict procedure right after we accept your confirmation and until we deliver the final piece of work to you. All the time, we deliver a 100% plagiarism-free paper at the affordable price. Here, you can see some more information about the way our company operates.

Ordering process

One of the first steps in the process is to verify your order with us. In theory, it's all simple as you need to visit the order page, fill in the form, and include all the details you think we need to know. It's important to state the topics and the discipline of the matter, as well as the deadline, type of work, possible length, and other crucial details and guidelines. Just keep in mind that the number of details you provide determines the work we send you back! In case you have some special material, feel free to upload them to us.

As we focus on the custom writing, the maximum information is the way to success.

Work with the masters of their job

Once you complete and finalize the transaction via PayPal or credit card, our team will choose the writer who will be completing the task that you have set. As mentioned before, we never pick the random or freelance writers for such an important task, but rather get a person with the Master or Doctoral degree in the discipline of the focus. Such a policy dictates that he or she will be proficient in the discipline and will complete the job before the deadline. It's also helpful to know that all of our workers are native English speakers, which is why the work will be free of grammar errors and will fit your requirements in a full way.

Ensuring the quality

As the paper is completed, it still needs to undergo the quality check to make sure that the editing and content match the highest quality standards and meet the requirements that you have set.

The second stage of such ensuring the quality lies in checking the plagiarism to see if the work is 100% original. In fact, you may ask for the detailed plagiarism report to have a confidence that your paper is not the first link from the Google

Paper delivery

The last stage of our process is actually delivering the final essay to you through the e-mail. Not to forget to mention that you have an ability to download the work from our website.

As the final paper is delivered, you can still request to check and revise the work that was returned to you. Such options are unlimited to you as long as you don't surpass the two-week period after delivery.

We also ensure the full refund in case you are not happy with the quality of our work. Although, it's clear that most of our customers enjoy the writings we provide and we rarely, if ever, refunded money due to the insufficient quality of the material we returned to the clients.

We say this because we always undergo the same procedures and deliver the academic writings at the time range that you have specified. Besides, you can be confident that the help is out there as the customer support works 24 hours and 7 days per week. Feel free to ask them any questions that concern you.

Initiate your order and fulfill the requirements that the professor or teacher have set for you!